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Server description / Описание сервера

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L2EXE.COM provides you with a unique multiprofa server with INTERLUDE: Multi-Plus+
Multi Plus + Direction-Multiprofa/rebirth with additions-this is an opportunity to learn absolutely any skills from other professions from a special NPC "Skill Manager" in the city of Giran ( for SP points).

The server will be launched soon.
Account registration | Files for the game | Active stocks to start the server


Chronicles: Lineage 2 Interlude.
Rates: EXP: x25; SP: х25; Adena: х3; Drop: х10; Spoil: х10; Quest Drop: х10
PREMIUM rates: EXP: x50; SP: х50; Adena: х6; Drop: х20; Spoil: х20; Quest Drop: х20.
High-quality platform and implementation of Interlude + chronicles.
Unique Build + Rebirth System + Add-ons.


.menu the main server command, character setup, and so on.
Alt+left mouse click removing positive effects to choose from.
.gb exchange Gold Bar for Adena. .adena exchange Adena for Gold Bar
.acp automatic use of MP/HP/CP
.offline the team is available from level 20.
.epic  view the status of epic bosses.
.help server menu help
.repair the restore command character in the crits (used by any other person on the account).
.relog A quick restart of the character
.whoami The character's stats, as well as information about the rates
.topclan the number of points the clan has
.achiv daily quests


[NPC] GM Shop up to B-grade and all necessary consumables (nipples in the gm shop to S grade).
[NPC] Skill-Manager to learn the skills of other professions.
[NPC] Buffer with nubo buff in every city + premium buff.
[NPC] Donate Manager everything can be obtained by playing.
[NPC] Gatekeeper with all the useful places and teleport to epics and special RB.
[NPC] Adventure's information about raid bosses.
[NPC] Rebirth  (located in the center of Giran)


Starting location of characters: Town of Gludio.
When creating a character, you get 10 level, top NG equipment, 3kk Adena and additional consumables.

Class Master:
[1 PROFESSION] 100.000 adena.
[2 PROFESSION] 200.000 adena.
[3 PROFESSION] 300.000 adena.

There is a Global gatekeeper, with the ability to teleport to the catacombs, cities and Farm and pvp zones.
Mana Potion recovers 5000 MP.

Champion monsters from level 10 with increased rates from 10 times.
Chance of occurrence Champion of Monsters = 3%, drop chance Champion Coin = 100%.
Autoloot items (if desired, you can disable it in. menu).
Shout and Trade chats global and available from level 25. Private chat is available from level 25.
Detailed information about the NPC / monster is available by command shift+click.
There are 250 inventory cells available for you.
Auto-learning skills.
You can learn the skills of other professions from a special NPC in the city Town of Giran.
Sub-Class quest disabled.
Complete the quest to receive the status Noblesse (items can be purchased in the in-game store).
Castle sieges take place every week.
Attack speed limited = 6999.
Casting speed limited = 9999.
Nephilim Lord Shield addons +10% Pdef and Mdef.
Zombie Shield addons +10% Pdef and Mdef.


[1 FARM LOCATIONS] 1 Floor FOG. drop  Ziggo's - farm item (to purchase addons).
[2 FARM LOCATIONS] Lower level FOG. drop  Deminic's - farm item (to purchase addons).
[HARD FARM ZONE] Monastery of Silence. There are unique mini bosses quantity = 10.
[MONASTERY OF SILENOS] Normal monsters are enhanced, drop  Deminic'sZiggo's (random).
In these locations, the number of monsters increased.

Drop items from mini bosses:
Deminic's = 40-50 chance 70% (random).
Ziggo's = 40-50 chance 70% (random).
Champion Coin = 20-50 chance 70%.
Event Coin = 1-3 chance 20%.
Enchant Armor's (S) = 1-2 chance 15%.
Enchant Weapon's (S) = 1-2 chance 10%.
Apiga 1-2 = chance 30% (to exchange for Golden Apiga).


All bosses are enhanced.
Time of rebirth of all ordinary RB:
3-4 hours.
RB can become Champion.
All RB added to drop 1 Golden Apiga (drop chance 10%).


All grand bosses are enhanced.
All Grand Boss Zones -
All grand bosses are level 80.
Drop from grand bosses  epic costume jewelry and agathion's

orfen.png  Orfen respawn every day - 18:00 (drop chance 30%).
core.png  Core respawn every day - 19:00 (drop chance 30%).
aq.png  Queen Ant respawn every day - 20:00 (drop chance 30%).
zaken.png  Zaken respawn every day - 21:00 (drop chance 30%).
antharas.png  Antharas respawn every day - 22:00 (drop chance 30%).

frintezza.png  Frintezza (Monday-tuesday) - 23:00 (drop chance 70%).
baium.png  Baium (Wednesday-Thursday) - 23:00 (drop chance 70%).
valakas.png  Valakas (Friday-Saturday) - 23:00 (drop chance 70%).

Additional features of epic costume jewelry:
Necklace of Valakas +18% P. Attack & M. Attack.
Necklace of Frintezza +12% P. Attack & M. Attack.
Earring of Antharas +15% P. Def & M. Def.
Zaken's Earring +10% P. Def & M. Def.
Orfen's Earring +5% P. Def & M. Def.
Ring of Baium +10% Attack Speed & Casting Speed.
Ring of Queen Ant +7% Attack Speed & Casting Speed.
Ring of Core +3% Attack Speed & Casting Speed.


Duration of all main buffs imposed by characters = 60 minutes (including limits, dances/songs and so on).
Maximum number of positive effects applied to the character:
not limited.
Possible combination
Guts + Frenzy & Rage + War Cry.
Frenzy also gives a bonus to the magic attack. (х1.9).
Angelic Icon this skill gives attack speed not only to the sword and club, but also to the Dual Sword, as well as to bows.
Zealot this skill gives attack speed and critical strike power not only to brass knuckles, swords and blunts, but also to all other weapons.
Light Armor Mastery work with all types of armor (Used by warriors)
Robe Armor Mastery work with all types of armor (Used by mages)
Heavy Armor Mastery work with all types of armor (Used by warriors)
Totems, Dances и Songs available with any type of weapon.
All immortality skills have a count down of 30 minutes.
All types of reflective skills are reduced by 3 times. 

Ultimate Defense works without penalty 60 min.


Enchant max +50.
Safe sharpening
+3, fullarmor +4.
Chance of successful sharpening with regular scrolls = 70%.
Chance of successful sharpening with blessed scrolls = 80%.
There are sharpeners with a chance = 100%.


Chance of falling out
Top Grade Life Stone on Tyrronasaurus = 30% rebirth 5 minutes.
Chance of falling out Top Grade Life Stone on premium account = 60%.
Chance to get a skill from the argument: Тop LS - 35% / High LS = 20%.


[TVT] (Team vs Team) interval = on schedule (award 8 Cups).
[CTF] (Capture the Flag) interval = on schedule (award 8 Cups).
[DM] (Deatch Match) interval = on schedule (award 8 Cups).


Classic Olympiad (period = 7 days).
Registration is prohibited from 1 IP & HWID.
To participate in extracurricular battles, you need 2 participants.


Adena  produced worldwide.
Gold Bar exchange (500.000.000 adena = 1 Gold Bar and 1 Gold Bar = 500.000.000 adena).
Event Coin you can get it on automatic events and through an exchange between players.
Champion Coin extracted from Champion monsters.
Donate Coin you can get it by making a donation to the server L2exe.com
Ziggo's farm item can be obtained in FOG. on the 1st floor (to purchase addons).
Deminic's farm item can be obtained in FOG. on the lower level (to purchase addons).
Strategy Guide you can get it for an exchange S Armor's (for purchase Black Dynasty Armor's and Black Icarus Weapon's).
Golden Apiga (to buy addons and enchant scrolls) for voting in the rating L2Top.ru or from all RB with a chance in 10%.
Apiga drop from mini bosses in the farm zone to exchange for Golden Apiga.
Proof (issued for rebirth) to learn additional skills.


The system of painting the title for PVP.
In case of death - all effects from buffs are reduced.
The cursed weapon is disabled.


When creating, clan receives immediately level 0.
Clan skills addons all clan members, regardless of the status.
The maximum number of
people in the clan = 40.
The maximum number of
academy in the clan = 30.
Penalty for leaving or exclusion from the clan = 1 hour.
Number of clans in the alliance = 1.
Clan War available from 5 people in the clan.
Clan skills learn only for the clan eggs are not required (sold in GMshop or drop with RB).
For Killing Clan War's clan gets for each 100 CRP.


35.000 CP/HP/MP.
P. Def +18%.
M. Def +7%.
Run Speed +100.
Attack Speed +9.5%.
P. Attack  +10%.
Casting Speed +10%.
M. Attack +12.5%.
When sharpening, it increases the character's characteristics.

CP +13.000.
HP +15.000.
MP +12.000.

MaxHp. MaxCp. MaxMp.
Physical and magical protection.

Magic Weapon adds Magic Attack and Casting Speed.
Physical weapons add up Physical Attack and Attack Speed.
Enhances damage to target during PvP/ При заточке Увеличивает урон и защиту в PvP.

When sharpening, it increases the character's characteristics.

P. Atk +6%
P. Def. +10%
Attack Speed +6%
maximum HP +2000
Sleep/Hold -75%
Poison/Bleed attack -75%

Attack speed +10%
P. Atk +10%
P Def. +10%
Evasion +20
Movement Speed +25 
Maximum MP +1000
Maximum HP +1000

M.Attack speed +10%
M. Atk +10%
P Def. +10%
Movement Speed +25 
Maximum MP +1000
Maximum HP +1000

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